It’s Time For Mayor Bowser To Stand Up For D.C. Residents And Enact The Short-Term Rental Law to Protect Affordable Housing

The affordable housing crisis in D.C. has gotten worse and worse every single year. Families are being torn from their long-time homes and forced to move out of the District. Short-term rental platforms have caused rental rates to soar well above the national average.

It’s time for Mayor Bowser to enact the short-term rental law to end the negative impact of short-term rentals on our housing market.

D.C. resident and president of the D.C. Federation of Civic Associations, Graylin Presbury, knows that unregulated short-term rentals are driving up rent and taking away short-term rental options.

Mayor Bowser must enact the D.C. short-term rental law.

From Northwest to Northeast, families are struggling to find affordable housing because short-term rental platforms, like Airbnb, have exacerbated our housing crisis.

Big-money corporations and commercial investors are manipulating our housing system and buying up homes in our neighborhoods and converting them into illegal hotels – taking away permanent housing options from city residents and pushing our neighbors out of Washington.

Long-term D.C. families shouldn’t have to suffer for the greed of illegal hotels, nor should they be forced to move out of D.C. because rents are too high.

 The D.C. City Council has protected affordable housing by passing short-term rental legislation, but now it’s up to Mayor Bowser to enact it. We need you to add your name below to join the growing list of concerned D.C. residents.

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