It’s time for the D.C. community to come together and unite against the negative impact of short-term rentals.

Using short-term rental sites like Airbnb to share your home and make some extra income should be protected.  But big-money corporations and commercial investors are manipulating these platforms and buying up homes in our neighborhoods and converting them into illegal hotels – taking away permanent housing options from city residents and pushing our neighbors out of Washington.

The cost of housing in D.C. is already high.  By depleting the city’s permanent housing stock, these illegal hotels on Airbnb are raising the rent on everyone else – taking away homes for families and forcing D.C. residents to leave the city.

D.C. resident Yukia Hugee knows the struggle of making ends meet as a single mom – and she knows firsthand how unregulated Airbnbs make finding affordable housing difficult for families.

Watch Yukia’s Story:

Watch Kevin’s Story:

It’s time for D.C. City Council to protect affordable housing by passing short-term rental legislation to crack down on commercial investors buying up homes to rent on Airbnb.

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