Oct 2, 2018      

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Local Groups Applaud D.C. City Council for Passing Short-Term Rental Law to Protect Housing

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 2, 2018) – Members of It’s Time, D.C., a coalition of local community groups, civic organizations, labor leaders and residents, praised D.C. City Council today for passing a short-term rental ordinance released today:


“Protecting affordable housing options in D.C. is vital to our efforts in ending homelessness and helping low-income families find a stable, affordable home.  We praise the City Council for pushing this important issue forward to not only safeguard housing for the families we serve in D.C. but also relieve the pressure short-term rentals cause on the cost of housing citywide.”

Kelly Sweeney McShane, President and CEO, Community of Hope – DC


“Chairman Mendelson and Councilmember McDuffie should be commended for putting forward a common-sense ordinance that protects true home sharing, while cracking down on commercial investors buying up residential homes to rent on Airbnb.  Commercial Airbnb investors are currently taking away available housing that is affordable in addition to increasing rents, which hurts city residents and is wrong.”

Graylin Presbury, President of the D.C. Federation of Civic Associations


“If the proposed ordinance limits short-term rentals to primary residences only, it’s a major step forward in protecting families from being evicted from homes by landlords who are currently converting residential units into short-term rentals.  Sharing a home can be a Godly act, but taking away potential homes for profit is wrong.” Rev. Kevin Williams


“As a single mom, finding an affordable home for my family in D.C. is a challenge and now commercial investors are buying up homes to rent on Airbnb reducing housing and raising rent citywide. Neighbors are being replaced with constant strangers with these unregulated Airbnbs taking away potential homes for families like mine.  D.C. City Council really stepped up today to help single mothers in protecting affordable housing options.”

Yukia Hugee, single mom and Northeast D.C. resident


“Limiting short-term rentals to primary residences would increase the city’s permanent housing stock by more than 5,000 homes over the next two years by eliminating professional short-term rental investing.  This will not only return thousands of homes to the city’s long-term housing supply, but also protect thousands more from being bought up by outside commercial investors.  The D.C. City Council should be praised for advancing this solution and enact the ordinance without delay.”

Lauren Windsor, AirbnbWATCH, a project of American Family Voices representing community, housing, labor, equality, disability and hospitality groups